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Kevin is a retired Engineer who loves anything to do with computers. Over the past few years he has got involved in the WordPress world developing Themes and Plugins.

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Is there a way to add extra lines between testimonials to make extra spaces separating testimonials? My theme Novatorix is blocking ‘use formatting’ so maybe I need to work some php magic?

I took a look at the site and I think the problem is that you have put the testimonials inside a blockquote. Try it without the blockquote.

Tried without the blockquote with no difference. Also with and without formatting and it doesn’t make a difference. I wonder if the theme is over-riding somehow? Would love to have the background shading to individualize each testimonial as your plugin allows. Alas. I tested several plug ins and yours is leagues above! Thank you!

Your page may be cached.If you are using a cache program, reset it, and reset your browser cache.Also make sure you save the custom settings or your changes may not show up.

That worked, Thankyou!

I really enjoy WordPress, developing themes and plugins helps keep me sharp as I fall into my retirement years. I also find it a rewarding experience, helping other folks develop their websites.

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