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Expressions Demo

Welcome to the WordPress Expressions Theme Demo. Here you will get a good idea on what great flexibility this theme offers.

Expressions is a responsive theme. With extensive user options, you can design a website that will look good on all sized devices.

Try out the theme and if you decide to use it show your appreciation.

I'd love to hear what you think about the theme!

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Home Page Sections

Eight optional sections you can use to set up the most important page on your website. ...more
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Feature Section

Six different slider options, three mosaic options, and three single image options. ...more
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Header Options

Left or center logo, or banner image, social links, include blog title and tagline. ...more

HTML Allowed

In each section html code is allowed, so you will have additional flexibility when setting up your website.

This is the 3rd section and it is exactly the same set up as Section 1. I have included a photo and formatted things to show the potential of these sections given that they allow html.

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Service Boxes

This is a two service box section. Set a title, upload an image, include a button style link. Or exclude all three and use your html skills to set up the service box.

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You can select fonts types for the headers and body text. Choose from 10 standard web fonts, 12 google web fonts and 14 @fontface fonts.


Contact Comments Basics Plugin Available

There is also an optional captcha for visitor comments.

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Mobile Devices

The theme is fully responsive and should look great on all sized devices. Check out the demo on your iPhone.


Portfolio Pages

The portfolio template allows multiple portfolios, 1-4 columns. Display post content or media content....more

Footer Area

The Footer area can be three or four widgetized columns. The copyright strip has three sections to include html code. You can optionally exclude the footer and copyright strip.

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Five Skins to change the look of your site.
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Download the PageNavi Plugin from WordPress.org.
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Child Themes

Add a child theme for full customization potential.
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Font Awesome

Fontawesome Icons integrated into theme.