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 Portfolio Pages

Expressions allows you to create as many Portfolio pages as you want. These templates are popular in Wordpress as they offer a unique way of presenting your portfolio. Up to four columns can be used in each Portfolio Page. Images are posted by inserting feature images in posts, the same technique described in the Static Home Page Section.

  1. Set up your Feature Category
  2. Make your feature posts uploading and inserting your reature images. Also note that you can display Feature image captions and descriptions on your Portfolio pages so if you plan to do so, fill out these in the media uploader.
  3. Create a new page with Portfolio selected as the template.
  4. Add content to the page if you want.
  5. In the Expressions Page Options
    1. Pick the "Portfolio Feature Category"
    2. Pick the number of columns you want
    3. Click to include the Feature Post Content, Feature Image Caption, and Feature Image Description
  6. Publish the page
  7. Set up the page in your menu

A few tips on the Portfolio Pages :

Below is an example of a single column portfolio, with the post content, and image caption shown :

Expressions One Column Portfolio

Below is a two column portfolio example with the image caption and the image description shown. :

Expressions Two Column Portfolio

Below is a three column portfolio example with the image caption and the image description shown. :

Expressions Three Column Portfolio

Below is a four column portfolio example with the image caption and the image description shown. :

Expressions Four Column Portfolio


Expressions offers a number of skin and font selection options. Go to "Appearance" => "Expression Options" and select the "Styles Tab".

Expressions Style Options

Skins - If you want to use a skin check the "Use Style Skin" checkbox. Then select the skin you want from the dropdown list.

Font Options - You can select from a number of different fonts for your Headers and for your body text. Start by selecting the "Select header font option" or "Select body font option" then pick the font from the appropriate dropdown list.

Standard Font Options Google Font Options @fontface Font Options

Black Skin :

black skin

Blue Skin :

blue skin

Gray Skin :

gray skin

Block Brown Skin :

block brown skin

Block Gray Skin :

block gray skin


Further Reference : WordPress Appearance Background Screen

WordPress also has a feature for installing custom backgrounds. Go to Appearance => Background and you will be presented with the following panel :


Some of the skins including the default set up do not allow backgrounds because the css styling is full width. However the block gray style will allow backgrounds. If you know css, you can develop a child theme to provide custom styles, and set up for background images.

You can change the color for your background here by inputting a color option in the Background Color input box.

A neat feature here is to add a background image. Simply upload the image you want and you will see a preview. Click the Save Changes button and your background image will be installed. I've installed a background image for the last skin screenshot above to give you an idea.

 Contact ans Author Widgets

In addition to the social widget there are now a Author widget and a Contact widget.

Contact Widget

If you don't want to use a contact form you can use a Contact Widget. Simply go to the Appearance => Widgets and drag over the widget to your widgetized area. Fill out the form, save, and the contact widget is ready to go.

contact widget 1

The Author Widget allows you to set up an Author Bio to show in a widgetized area, ideal for your blog. Simply drag the widget over to your widgetized area and fill out the form. The email is only used to access the Gravatar. So if you want a photo set uo a gravatar.

author widget

An example of these widgets is shown below:

author and contact widget


Well that's it. I hope you found these docs usefull. I will be updating the docs if additional clarity is required. I'm really unable to help everyone re-design their sites, but if you have questions please feel free to contact me through the demo site or through I will do my best to povide answers.


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